Conveyor Belts | By Application

General Purpose Belts


Manufactured to suit a wide range of applications. 

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Heat Resistant Belts


Suitable for conveying material of a varied range of high temperatures. 

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Fire Resistant Belts


Manufactured to address the Fire Resistant standards. Suitable in areas which are prone to fire risk.

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Oil Resistant Belts


Suitable for conveying materials containing oils, greases, vegetable, animal fats and a variety of oil coated/oily materials. These belts are made from specialized synthetic rubber.

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Technical Rubber Sheets


Range of rubber sheets that are ideal for use in applications where components are constantly exposed to significant stress.

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Chevron Conveyor Belts for Various Applications


These are profiled belts with cleats on the surface to ensure that the material that is carried along the way at steep inclines, does not roll back

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Steep Angle Belts


Belts manufactured to to support areas in which the conveyor inclination angle is steep.

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Straight Warp Belts


Heavy duty, industrial conveyor belt. Its innovative, straight-warp carcass construction surpasses traditional belts in virtually every aspect, creating a belt that has outstanding operational performance over a long life span. One of these belts ply preforms better than the strength of several traditional multi-ply layers. 

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Rough Top Belts


Suitable for transportation or conveying of lightweight materials such as cartons, paper, glass, packaged goods, etc.

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Jointless Belts


Manufactured to be used as telescopic, feed belts, weighing/packaging belts, and in bag diverting applications where speed is very high and pulley diameter is as narrow as 100mm.

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