Straight Warp Belts

Straight Warp Belts are world standard in heavy-duty industrial conveyor belting. Its innovative, straight-warp carcass construction surpasses traditional multiply belts in virtually every respect, creating a belt that has outstanding operational performance over a long life span. A single Straight Warp belt ply more than matches the strength of several traditional multi-ply layers.

The straight polyester (E) warp threads lie in the direction of belt travel, as do the polyamide (P) weft threads. Both are joined together by an additional binder yarn made of polyester(P). The strands are completely straight in both directions and are therefore not intertwined unlike traditional woven carcasses. This results in maximum protection of the warp through the weft, with minimal stretch, both lengthwise and crosswise. As there are no multiple plies, the result is a lightweight belt.

Benefits of Straight Warp belts:

  • Impact resistant
  • Strong adhesion
  • Good flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Stable working tension
  • Excellent troughing
  • Lower thickness
  • Low elongation
  • Longer roll length

Superior Impact Resistance: When compared to conventional multiply belts with a similar tensile strength, A Straight Warp Belt stands out with its superior impact resistance. The maximum impact energy of a single ply Straight Warp Belt type 630/1 is comparable to that of a 4-ply EP belt type 1600/4.

Superior Rip Resistance: Straight Warp Belts have a rip resistance that is more than four times greater than conventional multiply belts that have a similar tensile strength. The rip resistance is not only superior in relation to the multiply EP belts, but also when compared to Solid Woven. 

Superior Tear Resistance: The tear resistance of Straight Warp Belts also leaves conventional multiply belts with a comparable tensile strength far behind. The tear resistance is measured according to the international ISO 505 standard.

Lower Belt Weight: When compared with the belts having the same grade of the tensile strength, the SW belt provides 5% to 20% lesser weight leading to power saving. Straight Warp Belts is an extremely cost-effective solution. A lighter belt type can be used in many applications due to its excellent operational characteristics and finger splice efficiency. The combination of these factors has been proven to result in exceptionally low operating costs per ton.

Lower Belt Thickness: The carcass thickness of both Straight Warp Belts 1 Ply & 2 Ply is similar or smaller than those of comparable multiply EP conveyor belts. For example, the Straight Warp Belt 630/1 carcass has a thickness of 3.2 mm, compared to 5.0 mm for the EP 630/4. As a result,the required drum diameter may be smaller in some cases.