Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts


Fire is one of the main threats to a Conveyor System and it is not just the flames but also the gasses which are released when the belt burns, which cause fatalities.

We recommend fire resistant belts in areas which are prone to fire risk. Fires are a safety hazard and expose personnel to the risk of loss of life. Additionally, the extent of damage to property, production losses and damage to the installations are caused due to such breakdowns.

The fire resistant belt acts as a prohibiting tool against Fires by offering various degrees & grades of Fire resistance. Our Technical Team has been able to incorporate new technology into the manufacture of fire resistant belts by ensuring the stoppage of fire propagation or limiting the fire propagation at its origin.

Fire resistant belts are manufactured to address the varying Fire Resistance Standards (National & International). In the absence of directives from our customers, suitable belts are suggested by our Technical Team regarding the appropriate fire resistant belt required for any particular application.

Fire resistant belts also cater to the Underground Mining sector by offering specialized low smoke and low toxicity belts.

Fire resistant belts are ANTI STATIC.

Areas of Usage:

  • Underground Mines
  • Coal Mines
  • Conveying of Materials which can ignite while in use
  • Coal Handling Systems
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Sulphur Conveying Systems