Conveyor belts with a smooth carrying surface are useful for conveying of packed and unpacked material up to the angle of inclination 22° as an upper limit.

However, when the conveyor belts have to run on steeper inclines, the material they carry tends to roll back. Increasing the speed of the belt so as to arrest this roll back is one of the most commom method used. However, this leads to greater power consumption and of course, the roll back of the material is not completely arrested.

Chevron belts are profiled belts, having cleats on their surface, which ensure that the material is carried along on steep the inclines at normal power consumption and zero roll back.

Be it coal, aggregate, wood chips or potatoes, Chevron Belts will ensure guaranteed performance.

Product Applications

  • Mobile Crushers
  • Salt dispensers
  • Aggregate Handling
  • Wood Chip handling / Lumber Industry
  • Potato and other vegetable conveying