Space is a major constraint in setting up cost effective conveyor system in any industry. Hence, the conveyor systems are designed with high inclination so as to accommodate it in the given constrained space.

We recommend Steep Angle belts in such areas where the conveyor inclination angle is steep. The Steep Angle Conveyor Belts are modern age Bucket Elevator Box Belts. These Belts are made with Cleats and Sidewall. The concept of these belts is to carry materials on steepest angle up to 90 degree with zero spillage.

These belts can be driven at the speed of upto 5 M/sec. The space requirement is quite less as compared to Conventional Belts.

Salient Features

  • Corrugated sidewall belts for transport of bulk goods
  • Saves space, since conveyance at inclines of up to 90° is possible
  • Material conveyed is protected
  • Extremely high stability is provided in the traverse direction, good longitudinal flexibility
  • Different feed and discharge directions are possible by rotating the vertical runs

Areas of Usage

  • Construction Industry
  • Potash and salt mining
  • Stones and earth
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemicalindustry
  • Recyclingindustry
  • Rural co-ops and traders in agricultural commoditie
  • Agriculture

Steep Angle belts comprises of Base Belt, Side Wall & Cleats.

Base Belts: Base Belt plays a key role in steep angle Conveyor Belts. The base belts are made with special cross rigid Member design to get more stability and rigidity. 

Side Wall: The side wall has been designed to achieve adequate rigidity to avoid the buckling under compression experienced by it at the point of deflection. The top portion of the side wall has been designed against tear & gauging resistant by using special rubber compound having high elongation at break. The side walls are fully reinforced with Synthetic fabric to get better life. Mentioned below is a standard available dimension of sidewall but not limited and can be made available in customized dimensions:

Cleats:  cleats are designed with proper rigidity to preclude excess backward bending due to gravitational force exerted by the material loaded in cleats. By seeing critical application, we have modified our all type of cleats with Synthetic fabric reinforcement to avoid tearing due to material gravitational force. Type `T`, `K` and `TKS` charts are reinforced with metal fasteners through side wall. Mentioned below is the standard cleat types and their respective dimensions are available.

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